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BMW Graduate Internship Programme 2024

BMW Graduate Internship Programme 2024

We are looking for talented individuals like you to jump start your career with the BMW Financial Services Graduate Programme where you will obtain business experience over 12 – 24 months!


Would you like to jump start your life and your career?

Do you love technology, communications, vehicles, and business?

BMW has multiple opportunities for students, including their internship program.  With this program, they expose young, talented minds to valuable hands-on experience.  If you want a heads-up or foot in their door, this is the way to go.  Their internship program also provides you with a much better chance of becoming a full-time employee of BMW.


Once you have completed your internship with them, you will have gained invaluable experience, thus you can determine more firmly, what you want to do with your life from there on.  Their internship program is so well-structured, that failure is not even an option.  Success awaits all their qualifying candidates.  Candidates are given the opportunity to use their knowledge within a professional environment.  This aids in bridging the gap from studies to work place, creating irreplaceable members of the workforce.

Their skills program for interns is for a duration of 18 months, whereas the graduate’s program for interns is only 12 months.  These will aid unemployed South Africans to reach their dreams.  They will gain sound knowledge, as well as experience within a supervised environment.  Additionally, they will learn new skills and build on their knowledge with help from trained professionals.

Candidates can now practically apply all they have learned.  They can learn more about the production line, process and business standards.  Many candidates will also be able to grow further with the company.

BMW Internships Available

BMW has an array of internships made available each year, here are some that may be of concern to you, depending on your anticipated career path:

  • Industrial
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Business Management
  • Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Commerce

BMW Graduate Internship Programme 2024 Requirements

Applications are accepted yearly for a selection of internships, these are to fill opening that might rise within all sectors of the company.


Candidates will also be required to have the following:

  • Candidates must hold a valid Matric certificate
  • Candidates must have Mathematics and English as subjects
  • Candidates must be a South African citizen
  • Candidates must hold a valid ID book/card
  • Candidates must hold a diploma or degree form a recognized institute of higher learning
  • Candidates with a degree or diploma within the selected discipline
  • Candidates must be MS as well as computer literate with an understanding of technology
  • Must be proficient in English (read, write & speak)
  • Candidates must not hold any kind of criminal record
  • Candidates must not have more than two years working experience

Please be sure to attach all appropriate certified documents to your submission, along with a curriculum vitae.  The curriculum vitae should mirror your proficiency, capabilities together with your talents and interests.

BMW Graduate Internship Programme 2024 Application

Internships online applications are made accessible during the entire year, you can apply directly via the BMW Webpage Skills Program or via the BMW Webpage Graduates Program.  Alternatively, you can send an application, along with all your academic records plus a curriculum vitae to: [email protected]

BMW Internships Closing Dates

The closing dates for internships may vary each year, however, the selection process usually takes place during February each year for the Skills Program.  For Graduates, the selection process will be from August to December.

Be sure to have your applications in by then.  Successful candidates will be notified and an interview scheduled, interns are to start work in March.  Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.