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Amazon Graduate Internships for South Africans 2024

Amazon Graduate Internships for South Africans 2024

For your opportunity to receive real-world meaningful experience in your desired field of study, Amazon offers the right Internship for you. Amazon Internships offers you a wide selection of fields to study in such as Safety Management, HR, and Operation Management, Finance, Supply Chain, and Facilities Management.


All internships will receive a firsthand learning experience to put all their knowledge to practical use, as well as gain some valuable exposure to some top leaders in the industry. They are raising the bar time after time again, growing towards the world’s biggest online retailer.

The base Development Centre located in Cape Town is currently still playing an important role in running the key development to the majority of Amazon EC2’s core. Their team located in Cape Town provides global technical assistance to all exterior clientele, helping all developers construct mission-critical applications, by means of using their services within the chosen fields.

Their Web Services provide developers with access to cloud infrastructure services based on their own background of a back-end technology platform, which in turn offers developers resizable compute capacity within their cloud Web services.


They are in search of students who are effective leaders with the ability to engage, mentor, and motivate.  They need leaders who have new ideas on how to improve their processes and who are not afraid to innovate. They need leaders who will excel and hold all the liability they have to give them. Are you ready to make a difference? Are you ready to be challenged beyond your wildest dreams and join a group of IT professionals? Then you may just have arrived at the right place.

The Amazon technical center in Cape Town yearly seeks gifted individuals to become part of their operations. Their interns take on great projects and are exposed to direct project handling, learning to excel in their field.

Amazon Internships Available

Amazon has a variety of internship fields available throughout the year. Candidates who meet the requirements and are interested in an internship with Amazon may apply once the company opens their internships.

Fields available may be any of the following and more:

  • Software Engineer / Developer
  • Software Development Manager
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Application Developer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Cloud Support
  • Cloud Support Engineer
  • IT Support
  • IT Support Engineer
  • Junior Developer
  • Customer Service Agent

All their internships offer successful candidates the opportunity to learn more about their field, be mentored by the best, and develop their skills.


Amazon Graduate Internships for South Africans 2024 Requirements

Individuals who would like to apply for an internship in any of the fields mentioned above, or any other that the company may have available, will also have to meet the stipulated criteria for that specific field.

Some of the basic requirements are:

  • Must have a valid Matric / Grade 12 certificate
  • Must hold a degree in computer science or a field related to the internship
  • Experience with Linux software development
  • Programming language fluency (one or more)
  • Customer-orientated personality and skills
  • Experience in the industry (1 to 3 years)
  • Analytical capabilities
  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Must be able to solve problems
  • Must be able to provide high-quality work
  • Must have strong communication skills
  • Must perform well under pressure
  • Must be motivated and innovative

This company seeks talented individuals with a great passion for this industry. Candidates who love a challenge, can think outside of the box and show their innovativeness. Amazon is a pioneering company that provides a healthy atmosphere for its interns where they can grow and develop.

Amazon Internships Application

Amazon internships applications online applications can be done via their website on their Job Match Page. Interested candidates can also find more detail about their Internship Program on their site. For more information on the company, candidates can also look Here.

Although Amazon may be a demanding company, it offers excitement, experience, and development to all successful candidates. If you love computer science, believe you can make a difference, and have a talent for a career in this line, you can apply as soon as they have internships available.

Amazon Graduate Internships Closing Dates

Closing dates for this internship vary in accordance with the need of the company. The duration and date that the internship will commence will also differ depending on the field.