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Absa Graduate Internships 2024

Absa Graduate Internships 2024

Do you love Mathematics and statistics?


Do you have an understanding of figures?

Then an internship at ABSA bank may just be what you are seeking!

This is one of South Africa’s leading banks. There are many privileges to an internship at Absa Bank, besides it being a giant in the global bank. What ABSA offers is more than just the working experience of the finance industry.


The perks and the career building programs, together with the initiatives that are in place assists ABSA employees to thrive and reach for the stars. ABSA also make sure each and everyone within their workforce knows they are valued and understood at all times.

ABSA offers a range of fields and the material they offer are specially designed to make sure that their employees learning experiences are geared to improving business growth, performance, and career development. ABSA also has partners that help with internal and external training, this ensures that they can exceed the growing needs of the industry.

ABSA tries to ensure that they stand apart from other employers in South Africa and make a difference to the lives of their employee’s. Besides the usual perks of other organizations including education, career growth, and development, ABSA strives to make sure they offer a healthy balanced work/life to all employees.

ABSA realizes that it takes each individual to ensure that they remain a leader in the financial services in Africa and South Africa. They also want their employees to exceed the expectations and experience of their customers.

This internship should take you 12 to 18 months with the proper molding, guidance, and training for building your skills and experience. This you will need to become a leader for our future.

This is the organization for the future.

ABSA Graduate Internships Available

Absa has a variety of career paths within the financial industry made available to candidates each year. They seek talented individuals to join their growing global organization.

Candidates may look at one of the following paths when applying:

  • Retail and Business banking
  • Technology
  • Accounting
  • Corporate banking
  • Investment banking
  • Premier or Private banking
  • Risk
  • Operations
  • Insurance
  • Wealth Management

ABSA Graduate Internships Requirements

Candidates looking to apply in any of the above-mentioned fields, or those made available by ABSA must also adhere to all requirements before making their application.

Candidates must have the following:


  • Candidates must be South African citizens, or citizens of the country applying to
  • Candidates must have a valid ID document
  • Candidates must have a Matric certificate
  • Candidates must have a level 8 NQF postgraduate qualification in one or more of the following fields: Finance
    • Computer Science
    • Informatics
    • Law Management
    • Risk Management
    • Business Science
    • Statistics
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics

Candidates with at least two years working experience is preferred. Candidates must show an eagerness to learn and excel within this industry. Candidates must be focused, honest and reliable with commitment.

ABSA Internships Application

ABSA internships applications online can be done via this web page. Candidates must register, free, and then continue to log in, to be able to complete the application form. They offer a variety of options and before proceeding candidates must consider with care which area of the banking sector they would like to enter. They also offer a range of areas for candidates to consider throughout Africa, ranging from Egypt, Uganda, South Africa and all other countries. Each of these areas has a different closing date, so be sure to have your completed application in on time.

If you are intending to apply to another country which is not your home country, candidates must ensure they have the required permits and documentation to work in such a country before making the application.

Once you log in and start the application process, ensure you have ample time to read all questions and complete them in full. Also be sure to have all documentation at hand. Please ensure you upload your transcripts and required documentation, applications missing these cannot be considered.

Once your application has been submitted and the closing date reached, the selecting process will commence. Each application will be considered and candidates will be looked at in accordance to their qualifications, the requirements and the answers to questions posed in the application.

Shortlisted candidates will then be contacted and an interview will be arraigned. This will include questions on why you have chosen your selected career path, what excites you about it and to see your in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Hereafter, a psychometric assessment will be done online and candidates may be invited to the assessment center for further evaluation.

ABSA Graduate Internships Closing Dates

Applications open yearly during April and May. Candidates may start applying as soon as applications open. Applications usually close the end of June the same year.