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Wipro Internship Programme 2024

Wipro Internship Programme 2024

Wipro Internship Programme 2024; Wipro is known as a global leader within the consulting, outsourcing and information technology industries. Wipro have successfully launched two separate internship programs within South Africa, with the first seen in 2013.  With these, they are aiding in filling positions within the company.  They have multiple active projects throughout South Africa, thus will likely have more internship programs to fill additional openings as they grow.


Their candidates are exposed to in-house training, and mentoring from skilled experts in each field of service.  Wipro is committed to sustainability, delivering innovative services for businesses, moving forward with technology.  They currently service industries in more than 57 countries, with a workforce bigger than 140 000.  Their internships are crucial to the company, as it aids in their growth.

They intend to nurture new talent for local leadership, creating a local culture operation base to service the African continent.  Candidates who love learning, exploring and being creative are their ideal candidates.  Each intern will be assigned a mentor, and feedback will be done on a weekly basis.  Candidates will be judged upon performance along with their periodic assessments.

This Wipro internship program has been designed to fill the gap that arises from university campus, to the workplace or industry. It will cover both behavioral aspects and all technical aspects.  Wipro has additional internship programs within India and the United Kingdom.  They are also expanding to Germany and the Nordic regions.  These are all vital markets within their field of business.


Wipro Internships Available

Depending on your career path, Wipro has a variety of fields available:

  • Banking
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Devices
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • IT Services
  • Computer Science
  • Research Management
  • Administration
  • Consulting
  • Retail
  • Transport


Applications are accepted as Wipro has the need for more employees.


Candidates will also be required to have the following:

  • Valid Matric
  • Valid South African ID
  • South African citizen
  • Must be MS as well as computer literate with an understanding of technology
  • Must be proficient in English (read, write & speak)
  • Must not hold any kind of criminal record
  • Must have a passion to learn

Please be sure to attach all appropriate certified documents to your submission, along with a curriculum vitae.  The curriculum vitae should mirror your proficiency, capabilities together with your talents and interests.  Candidates who come from a disadvantaged background will be required to complete a technical and learning aptitude test.


Internships online applications processes are not available currently, as there are no internships offered presently.  There are multiple sites where applications can be made once they open, however it is suggested to regularly check on the Wipro Website for opportunities.

After completion of the application, shortlisted candidates will be contacted and an interview may be scheduled with such individuals. Wipro has had two successful internship programs and may soon be opening the next one, as there are still some openings within their industry.  Most of their interns receive permanent positions with the company, and some may even be able to travel, and work within their other branches or receive extra training there.

For more information, the following people can be contacted:

India – Dirk Lewis – [email protected]

South Africa – Jane Wessels – [email protected]

Mithun Jagadev – [email protected]

wipro internship Closing Dates

There are currently no openings, but keep looking in the media, as well as on their web page for any openings as they require more interns, and the program re-opens.