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Welding Learnerships 2022

Welding Learnerships 2022

Welding is the method used to combine or join metals to each other so they become one. Welding is a popular career field and also one of the most needed fields in today’s life.


There is a variety of welding forms, techniques, and welding processes. Not all welding is done on construction and mines or even in or outdoors.

Some welding may require the welder to work underwater or even in outer space. Construction is big in South Africa and many big companies offer Welding learnerships every year.

Welders work on a variety of projects from as small as coffeepots to as big as skyscrapers. They help construct vehicles, bridges, buildings and virtually almost all things in life.


Some welders are builders of steel structures and more, where others are known as repair welders that do maintenance and repairs, replacing worn sections.

Welders can be employed in numerous industries including spacecraft’s, railroad workings, aircraft’s, manufacturing, construction, mining, shipbuilding, automobile industry and more.

Companies offering Welding Learnerships

Welding Learnerships Available

There are some slight differences in this field offering welders opportunities in their specialty welding as there are four prominent types of welding. These are known as TIG, MIG, GAS and ARC welding. Welders use plasma cutting, resistance welding, solid-state welding, micro welding and other forms of welds. A welder can also pursue a career as a boilermaker. These fields are available in the construction industry, mining, public and private sectors.


Fields for Welders:

  • Welder
  • Assistant Welder
  • Boilermaker
  • Assistant Boilermaker

Welding Learnerships Requirements

Most companies or industries offering learnerhsip programs in this field will have basic requirements for candidates to comply with to be eligible to apply. We have gathered some of these and listed them below. Some companies may have extra stipulations and if you are planning to apply, be sure to know what they are.

Basic requirements:

  • Candidates must have a Matric certificate
  • Must have a valid ID book or ID card
  • You must be a South African citizen
  • Must be between 18 and 30 years of age
  • Be able to handle pressure
  • Must be able to work at different heights
  • You must be able to work in small spaces
  • Must have a diploma or degree in field applying for

Successful applicants who make the shortlist will be contacted and may be required to attend an interview, as well as undergo a variety of assessments and a health check. All documents attached to your application must be certified copies, all detail provided up-to-date and all fields of the application form must be filled in.