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Psychology Internships in South Africa

Psychology Internships in South Africa

Psychology Internships in South Africa; Psychology is the study of the human mind and mentality. It focuses on issues relating to the well-being of people. Being a psychology major does not necessarily mean you will be confined to an office all day talking to people, however, this may be part of your daily routine. There are many fields one could consider with such a degree.


Many of the internships provided in this field are for a 12 month or longer period. Some may include working in clinics, hospitals or even doing some social work.

Psychology Internships Available In South Africa

There are a number of different career options to consider in this field and with internships, candidates can also gain hands-on knowledge of the different fields. Here are some of the career options candidates in this field can consider.

Psychology Fields


    • Occupational Psychologist
    • Clinical Psychologist
    • Forensic Psychologist
    • Sport / Exercise Psychologist
    • Educational Psychologist
    • Counselling Psychologist
    • Further Education Teacher
    • Advice Worker
    • Psychotherapist
    • Market Researcher
    • Counsellor
    • Career Advisor
  • Human Resource Officer

These career options and more can be found with companies such as:


Psychology Internships Requirements

Many companies require candidates to be South African citizens and have a valid ID book or document. Requirements will be available with the application form as many companies may have additional or different requirements. Here are some of the basic stipulations candidates will need to have for most companies.

    • Candidates must hold a valid degree in their field of application
    • Candidates must have proficient computer skills
    • Candidates must have great communication skills and be fluent in English
    • Candidates must be able to work under pressure
    • Candidates must be mature and responsible
    • Candidates must be able to work effectively as part of a team
    • Candidates must be able to work independently
  • Candidates must be able to deliver quality service and adhere to schedules

Psychology Internships Application

Online applications for psychology internships are made available by each company on their websites. Candidates must include their latest school and academic results along with a certified copy of their ID document. This must be submitted along with the completed application and all other documentation required. The information on what candidates need will be available on the company’s web page along with the internship application. If there is no online application, details will be available on how to get an application form and apply.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and may be required to attend an interview prior to internship awarding. Some companies may also ask candidates to partake in a psychometric test.

Psychology Internships Closing Date

If this is the field that you are studying in and want to work in, then find an internship that is ideally suited for you. Take the next step towards reaching your life’s goals. 

Closing dates will clearly differ and will depend on the company, as well as their needs. Candidates who have not heard anything three months after the closing date of applications can assume their application was unsuccessful.