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Mechanical Engineering Internships in South Africa

Mechanical Engineering Internships in South Africa

Mechanical Engineering Internships in South Africa; There are multiple companies offering unique intern opportunities for talented, eager candidates.  If you are motivated to work in one of the fields that is available with mechanical engineering, then an internship will give you a great advantage.


What does mechanical engineering offer?  Mechanical engineering applies physics, material science, manufacturing, design, analysis, engineering to all mechanical systems.  This field is known to be one of the oldest, but moreover also the broadest of all engineering studies.  Mechanical engineering came to life during the 18th Century, with the industrial revolution.  With the advancements of physics during the 19th Century, mechanical engineering science can to light.  As time passes, this field of study just keeps on evolving and advancing.

This field of engineering requires a vast knowledge and understanding of the core concepts.  These concepts are electricity, material science, mechanics, structural analysis, thermodynamics as well as kinematics.  Mechanical engineers also need to know how to work with the tools of this trade.  These include computer aided designing, industrial equipment, industrial machinery, product lifecycle management tools to design or even analyze manufacturing.  They can work in a variety of fields, these include transport systems, watercrafts, weapons, medical devices, robotics, and aircraft along with heating and cooling systems.

Is this the career options you have in mind?  Are you searching for the ideal internship to aid you in reaching your dreams?  With an internship in mechanical engineering, you will be closing the gap that has formed between the classroom and the employer.  You can get first-hand knowledge, learn from professional in the field of your choice and step out into the world with all you need.


Once you have completed your internship, you will know whether you still want to pursue it as a career or not.  Do you have the required enthusiasm, talent, and motivation?  If this is you, then an internship will provide you with the exposure needed.  You will get the opportunity to work with some of the best mechanical engineers in South Africa.  Your role will be active wherever you go, thus you will reap the benefits.  Mechanical engineers are in high demand, this demand will only keep growing as South Africa grows.

The nation is faced with great development needs, a stabilizing economy and open positions for qualified candidates.  If this is your professional interest, apply today with one of the leading engineering companies in South Africa.

Mechanical Engineering Internships Available in South Africa

If you are planning to work in one of the following fields, these mechanical engineering internships will aid you in gaining work experience. The following career paths are available within this field:


  • Aerospace Research
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Design
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Chemical Development
  • Automotive Markets
  • Automotive Designs
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Defense Equipment
  • Defense Support
  • Defense Services
  • Construction Infrastructure
  • Building Designs
  • Heating and Ventilation Designs
  • Manufacturing
  • Developing New Materials
  • Household Product Manufacturing
  • Marine Development
  • Metal Development
  • Metal End Production
  • Railway Construction
  • Railway Systems Management
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Rail Control Systems
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Drug Development
  • Water Supply
  • Power Supply
  • Waste Management

Many of these can be found with companies such as:

Mechanical Engineering Internship Requirements

If you would like to apply for any of the mentioned career paths or any available within the Mechanical Engineering field, candidates will require the following:

  • Candidates must be a South African citizen
  • Candidates must hold a valid South African ID
  • Candidates must live in South Africa
  • Candidates must pass their Grade 12 with exemption
  • Candidates must have own transport
  • Candidates must hold a degree relevant to their career path

The ideal candidate will be goal orientated, positive, creative, smart and hard working.  Interns will mostly be exposed to all levels of system designs, trained in all aspects of manufacturing, while gaining invaluable knowledge about the industry and field.

Mechanical engineering internships Application

Please include your latest school results, certified copy of your ID, motivational or cover letter, along with the completed application and all other relevant documentation to the company you are applying to.  Some companies do offer online application processes for internships, others will have downloadable application forms, and some may just have contact information.

Whatever the form of application, candidates are reminded to always ensure their application is complete, signed and all required documentation attached.

Mechanical engineering internships Closing Date

The opening and closing dates of these internships will vary with each company.  It is thus best for candidates interested in these to seek out opening offered by companies within this field of service.

Candidates must please remember that only short listed candidates will be contacted.  Consequently, if you do not hear from said company within two weeks to three months after the closing date, you can accept that your application was unsuccessful.