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How to apply for SRD SASSA R350 Grant

The new SRD SASSA r350 application is currently ongoing for all qualified persons. You can follow the procedure below in order to apply for the SRD SASSA R350 Grant.

Please be sure to provide all your information and make sure your address and phone number have all been filled correctly.

How to apply for SRD SASSA R350 grant application online

Follow these easy steps and apply

Apply here

Take Note of the following.

  • No paper based applications will be accepted.
  • Payment will be effected through a channel of your choice.
  • Citizens without bank accounts can also apply.   In this case payment will be effected through a money transfer, once all the necessary validations have been completed.
  • Once applications are approved, SASSA will request confirmation of bank account through a secure site – this will also be done electronically.
  • Any applicant has the right to request confirmation that this request is from SASSA to protect themselves.
  • APPLICATIONS ARE FREE: There is no charge to apply – applicants are cautioned not to buy “application forms” – these are not genuine and will not be processed.
  • Applicants are cautioned not to provide their banking details to anyone.
  • SASSA will only request banking information once the application has been approved.
  • All beneficiaries and applicants should never give their PIN number or the CVV number on the back of the banking card to anyone – not even SASSA.

SRD SASSA R350 Grant Info

How to apply for SRD SASSA R350 Grant

Who Qualified for the SASSA R350 Grant Money

Who Qualified for SRD SASSA R350 Grant

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