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Details of Telkom Learnership Programme 2024

Details of Telkom Learnership Programme 2024

About the Telkom learnership program

Telkom is Africa’s largest incorporated Communications Company, providing integrated communications solutions to a vast range of customers. It is a leading communications services provider in South Africa and on the African continent. The Telkom Learnership offers selected applicants the chance to gain hands-on knowledge within their career field.


Telkom provides business, residential and payphone customers a vast range of products and services, including fixed-line retail voice services using Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) lines, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines, and subscription-based value-added voice services and calling plans.

Telkom operates in more than 38 countries throughout the continent of Africa, and as such is in a good position to offer high school graduates from different communities a learnership opportunity. These learnerships form part of the government’s National Skills Development Strategy to create skills and ease poverty and unemployment.

Telkom learnerships will give you the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the necessary knowledge, teach you to adapt to a work environment, shape your attitude to create a more qualified employee of you, and help you to network.


Telkom Learnership Requirements

There are certain requirements for being accepted into this learnership:

Minimum Requirements

  • You must be in possession of an N6 Electrical Engineering (Light Current) qualification OR have completed academic training (awaiting experiential training in order to obtain the full qualification); or
  • Have a BSc Electrical Engineering (Light Current) qualification OR have completed academic training (awaiting experiential training in order to the full qualification); or
  • Be in possession of an S4 Electrical Engineering (Light Current) qualification OR have completed academic training (awaiting experiential training in order to obtain the full qualification); or
  • Possess of a BTech Electrical Engineering (Light Current) qualification OR have completed academic training (awaiting experiential training in order to the full qualification).

Other Requirements

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • Applicants must be able to work at heights and in confined spaces
  • You mucolor-blindlour-blind

Telkom IT/Telecoms Learnership

This is outcomes-based learning, and the learnership is based on a legally binding contract between the learner, the employer, and the service provider.

The Learnership Programme is for a period of one year (12 months) and consists of:

Core Description

A portion of the training will consist of theory. This instructional training will take place at a venue that will be specified by Telkom.

  • Learners will receive theoretical training
  • Candidates will also get practical exposure and experience in the telecommunications field
  • Learners will receive a stipend of R3 500 monthly for the duration of the learnership


Learners will learn skills and get knowledge in:


  • How to be an analytical thinker
  • Become efficient in communication skills
  • How to become efficient in interpersonal skills and build an aptitude for building rapport with a diverse range of people (especially customers)
  • Become PC Literate
  • How to become a problem solver
  • Become self-directed
  • How to be a Team Player

Once the learner has successfully completed both the theoretical (instructional) and practical (workplace) phases, submitted a final Portfolio of Evidence (POE) and has successfully undergone external verification, a Certificate will be issued.

The learnership contract is a legally binding contract and any irregularity or violation of the terms of the agreement will be dealt with by the Department of Correctional Services in accordance with Sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998.

Telkom Learnership Application Process

In order to apply for the Telkom IT/Telecoms Learnership, you must complete an application form online.

  • You can apply by going to the Telkom Website
  • The Telkom website is
    • Once you get onto the website, look on the top for the link that says “More Jobs” and click on it, then click on the “Internship/Learnership” link
    • Click on the “Learnership”  link and the form will automatically download to your computer
  • When applying for the learnership make sure that you specify the learnership post that you are applying for and specify the region in which you want to work and any reference number given.
  • Make sure that you sign the application form yourself
  • Attach certified copies of your certificates and Identity Document (these copies must have been certified within the last 3 months – you can get this done at any Police Station)

Please Note:

  • Application forms that are late or unsigned will not be accepted
  • Photocopied forms will not be accepted

Remember that during your training you will be responsible for your own accommodation, transport and meal costs. It is therefore suggested that you apply for a learnership in the area closest to where you live.

Equity Statement

Please note that preference may be given to Employment Equity candidates (including people with disabilities)

Telkom Learnership Programme Information

Telkom Learnership Applications for this will open later in the year, normally around November or December.

You can keep checking whether the learnership is open for applications yet by continually checking for new learnerships on the Telkom Website and clicking on the Careers in Telkom link on the left hand side.

This will take you to the Careers Page – click on the Browse Jobs link near the top of the page, and then Look on the list of types of jobs advertised and find the Internships/Learnerships link.

If there are learnerships available the number available will show in the brackets (3) and the link will turn green when you put your cursor over it. Click on the link, check to see whether you meet all the requirements for the learnership and follow instructions on how to apply.