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Details of Fasset Learnerships for Young South African 2024

Details of Fasset Learnerships for Young South Africans 2024

Fasset Learnerships are opening now as one of the best training and education for unemployed people in South Africa. The learners will gain a qualification at the end of the program obviously. Meanwhile, this company has proven its success to convert so many training and qualifications to be their learnership programmes.


The aim of their learnership is to combine good-quality workers who are ready to face the international career with so many experiences towards practical on the workplace and learning in the classroom. Therefore, the learners will take the benefit of their qualifications in the future. Let us check out the requirements below.

Details of Fasset Learnerships for Young South African 2024 Requirements

The Fasset Learnerships have some requirements for their candidates who want to join one of their programmes. First of all, the employers who are registered with this company whether they are levy paying or not have an obligation to prepare their learners for Fasset only. It is necessary to fulfill Fasset’s objective as one of the successful converters of high-quality workers in the future.


The candidates also have to complete their agreement which was founded on Fasset’s website. Thirdly, the agreement must be signed including the witnesses with a copy of the learner’s documents such as CV, South African citizenship and employment contract.


Details of Fasset Learnerships for Young South African 2024 Application Process

All of the Fasset Learnerships applications are available in online information. It means that the learners should check their website first before sending their document to the Fasset Company. This is the official link of Fasset at

The closing date is considered by the programme of Fasset itself. In other words, they have no exact date for all programmes. It depends on their necessity in selecting the candidates.

As usual, a programme will be available once in a year. If you have no opportunities to apply this year, you can be able to send your document next year during the same period.