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Details of Edcon Learnership Programme 2024

Details of Edcon Learnership Programme 2024

Details of Edcon Learnership Programme 2024. Get the details of the Edcon learnership application 2024. All interested applicants are advised to carefully read through the application process and requirements before the apply.


Edcon Learning Programme

Edcon Group always offers Edcon Learnership every year. This programme increases the theoretical and practical learning for the learner.

The aim is to produce high-quality graduates with plenty of experience and able to join world-class environments in the future.

The professionals from Edcon Group are ready to support this training which usually conducted within 12 years. The shortlisted candidates are able to join this learnership and have a chance to be selected as one of the employee of this company; in this case the performance should be above the average. But, they need to pass 2 phases below in order to be selected by the Edcon team.


Details of Edcon Learnership Programme 2024 Requirements

The first phase to join Edcon Learnership is qualification phase. In this phase, the candidates have to meet several requirements and criteria which relevant to their fields of work.


Go straight to the qualification, the first requirement should obligate the learner who already in the end of undergraduate or postgraduate programme especially in the final year.

The faculties which related with this learnership are Business, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Statistics and many more. Meanwhile, the diploma student must be accredited by National Diploma especially for Fashion, Retail, Statistics, etc. The expected learner should have no experience in workplace.

How to Apply for Edcon Learnership Programme 2024

The second phase of Edcon Learnership is applying the application. If you think that you have been qualified from the requirements above, you should send the application to the official website of Edcon Group.

You can click this link to download online form directly.

When you do not find the download link, it means that the programme is currently closed. For your information, the closing date usually comes at 1 September each year.

Meanwhile, the application will be opened since May yearly. You have couple months left to prepare your study and CV before the learnership will open next year. Unfortunately, we have already passed September now.