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Department of Correctional Service Workplace Training

The Correctional Service Workplace Training is a ± 70% workplace learning phase that shall take place at the Correctional and Social Reintegration Centres / Units. Please note that this will entail duties related to the rehabilitation and provision of security to offenders.

During this phase, learners shall continue receiving a stipend. The learners shall be responsible for their own accommodation, meals and transport.

No pension fund, housing allowance, housing subsidy, danger allowance, medical aid or overtime shall be paid by the employer during the theoretical as well as during the practical training phases.

The learner shall be declared competent after the successful completion of the instructional learning phase, the workplace learning phase, the final submission of the Portfolio of Evidence (POE) and the successful external verification by SASSETA.

Any contravention or deviation from the learnership agreement during the twelve months period shall be dealt with by the DCS in accordance with Sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998.

On completion of the learnership, learners will receive an FET Certificate in Corrections Services:

NQF 4. However, the Department of Correctional Services does not guarantee permanent employment thereafter.


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