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Computer Science Internships in South Africa

Computer Science Internships in South Africa

Computer Science Internships in South Africa; Computer science includes a wide field of opportunities ranging from programming, communications, management, program or game development and more. Many companies and industries make use of technology and require skilled computer science majors. Some could require candidates to have management skills and people skills, where others need a more hands-on approach such as developing, building and will require candidates to think out of the box. The world is an open door for computer science majors and an internship will give candidates real work experience. 


Computer Science Internship Available

If computer science is your field of interest you have a variety of career options. Most businesses these days functions on technology and that includes computers. Candidates can enter communications fields, defense, aerospace, retail, financial services, agriculture, manufacturing, medical fields and so much more. Here are a couple of career options one could consider.

Computer Science Career Paths

    • IT Consultant
    • Games Developer
    • Database Administrator
    • Data Security Analyst
    • Systems Analyst
    • Systems Administrator
    • Security Developer
    • Software Developer
    • Web Developer
    • Java Developer
    • Multimedia Developer
    • Technical Author
    • Network Engineer
    • IT Trainer
  • IT Sales Professional

Many of these career paths can be found with companies such as:



Computer Science Internship Requirements

Candidates looking to apply for internships within this field are required to meet all stipulations as set by each individual company. Some companies may also have further requirements which can be found with the submission form on said companies web page. Yet, we have gathered a general list to assist candidates in knowing what to expect.

    • Candidates must have a valid ID book/card and be a South African citizen
    • Candidates must have proven skills within the field they are applying for and a degree
    • Candidates must have great communication skills and be fluent in English
    • Candidates must be responsible, can work in a team and individually
    • Candidates must have an understanding of programming languages, software engineering, and tools
    • Candidates must be able to write reports and handle technological changes as they happen
    • Candidates must use the methods and rules learned to enhance their performance
  • Candidates must be able to serve the company’s needs

Computer Science Internships Application

Computer science internships applications online can be found with each company and are usually made available on their websites once applications open. Applicants applying must have great communication abilities, at all levels. They must be detail orientated, show traits of perseverance and have a focused personality. Applications must be completed in full and all detail up to date. Applicants must ensure they certify all documentation and that it accompanies their application.

Computer Science Internships Closing Date

Applications are made available during the year at different dates. These dates are set by each company, therefore, they are at different dates. Dates and more information usually can be found on the company’s website, thus, candidates are urged to regularly see when the company they are interested in opens applications for internships. Many companies do send confirmation sms’s or email’s when receiving a candidate’s application, however, most companies will only contact candidates who have made the shortlist. So, if candidates do not hear from a company for two or three months after the closing date, candidates can assume their application was unsuccessful. Remember to ensure all detail is up to date, all documentation attached and that the application is completed in full.