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Chemical Engineering Internship Programme in South Africa

Chemical Engineering Internship Programme in South Africa

Chemical Engineering Internship Programme in South Africa; Chemical engineering involves innovativeness, experiments and so much more. Many factors come into play within this field and choices have to be made. This can include processes of transportation, produce and even transformation. From laboratories, ideas, designs to running models and implementation. This science is a truly magnificent field to consider exploring.


Companies Providing Chemical Engineering Internships

A leader within the alcoholic beverage industry in South Africa, this company offers a great and rewarding experience to their interns. They aim to assist in the development of education, and assisting in self-sustaining in a growing country. Website

Engineering projects and construction management is this company’s specialty, along with environmental services, project implementation, global procurement and more. Website

Tongaat Hulett
Specializing in maize and sugarcane products, farming and agriculture to produce sustaining communities are what Hulett loves to do. Website


Delivering exceptional energy services and products not only to South Afric but also the world through gas and oil study is what this company does. Website

Developing technology and finding new ways to power the world is this company’s way of doing business. Website


What Do these Internships Program Offer?

There is a wide variety of career paths one can consider with this qualification. Here are some of those options to look at:

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Energy Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Product Engineer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Mining Engineer
  • Quality Manager
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Production Manager
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Biotechnology
  • Research Engineer
  • Environmental Manager
  • Quality Control Engineer

Costs Covered by Internships

Candidates can expect to receive a monthly stipend. Any additional money, costs or expenses, if covered by the company, will be discussed with shortlisted candidates before signing of the internship agreement. Some of these internships are only for a12 month period and others may even stretch over 3 years, it will depend on the company.

Chemical Engineering Internships Requirements

Most of these companies require candidates that are a citizen of South Africa and between 18 and 30 years of age. Candidates are required to meet the basic stipulations and any other that each company may have to be eligible.

Basic Requirements are:

  • A valid ID document
  • A valid Grade 12 / Matric certificate
  • A degree in chemical engineering
  • Must be driven, proficient in English and dedicated
  • Must be able to work as part of a team and independently
  • Depending on the industry, candidates may also be asked to complete a psychometric and medical fitness test

How to Apply for Chemical Engineering Internships

There will be an online application process provided by most companies. Although, some may call for candidates to apply via e-mail, postage, fax or even by hand-delivery.

Candidates who apply and are selected for these internship programs will be contacted by the company. Thus, candidates must ensure their contact details are up-to-date and working.